Off-Road Excursions: Franklin MA

Off-road enthusiasts of New England frequently visit the heavily-forested areas around Franklin, MA to explore the various trails throughout the area. Few vehicles navigate off-road trails with quite as much ease as Jeep, Ram, and Dodge vehicles. Designed to dominate, the latest generation of new Dodge, Jeep and Ram Vehicles provide an unprecedented degree of off-road capability--however, for the more budget-conscious vehicular adventurer, our used inventory of these makes provide an exceptional degree of capability at an affordable price.

Off-road Vehicles--Why First Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Off-road vehicles are typically selected by their ease of modification, off-the-lot capability, and durable, reliable construction. With decades of harsh off-road trials and an extensive population of enthusiastic owners to attest the rugged capability of these vehicles, the selection of vehicles from our inventory as ideal for off-road application comes as second nature to the experienced off-roader.


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Build It, Break It, Bring It To First Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram!

With an authentic Mopar® Service Center staffed with veteran mechanics, no matter the severity of your repair, we're fully-equipped to repair and rebuild your vehicle with professional attention to detail and utilizing genuine Mopar® parts and accessories. While our vehicles are designed to withstand the toughest applications, some drivers' wills are harder than the toughest steel available--and with trails spewing mud, sand, water and every manner of particulate imaginable throughout the interior and engine bay of your vehicle, inevitably your vehicle will require maintenance (or, at the very least, an oil change). Let our service technicians assist you in your endeavors to run your vehicle through a gauntlet of materials, be it rocks, trees, mud or water, with a service center you can trust.


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First Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram--Your Center for Vehicles With Vigor: Durable Dodges, Robust Rams, and Juggernaut Jeeps

Proudly providing our purchasers with the utmost quality of customer service, vehicular repair, financing and inventory, First Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram delivers off-road optimized vehicles suited for tough trails and daily driving alike. Visit our dealership today to speak with a sales professional about our extensive stock, or give us a call to repair whatever you broke this time!

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