Driver's Seat by First CDJR Near Providence, RI


Start the Car Buying and Lease Process Online in North Attleboro, MA

Do you wish that there was TRULY a better way to shop for a vehicle? If you could simplify the car buying process and reduce the amount of time you spend at a dealership completing the necessary steps wouldn't you take advantage of that? That time has come with the team at First Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We are all about delivering an exceptional automotive experience for our customers. We know we offer the most competitive price in the area but it's not the low price that holds the greatest value it's how we arrived there together with you, our valued client. This is why we have invested in what we call "Driver's Seat".

First "Driver's Seat" is our 100% online digital solution to purchase or lease your next vehicle the way you want to 24/7 at First CDJR.COM. You are in control, work your own finance or lease payments on your terms, no back and forth. You can expect to save time by building and saving your deal, completing application forms for financing, trade-in estimates and protection plans on your free time without having to call multiple dealers or visit the showroom until you are ready to take delivery! Below, you will find the amount of time for each digital shopping tool that you can expect to save in the showroom, along with an outline of what these resources cover.

Step 1: Value A Trade

Value Your Trade-In: 30 Minutes Saved

The initial evaluation process can take place from the comfort of your living room sofa, as our online trade-in value tool provides a rough estimate of your vehicle’s worth. Fill in some basic information about your vehicle, along with its current condition and history. Our algorithm can compute a fair value estimate based off these details. This is a step you no longer will have to complete in person, as we can move on to the next stages!

Step 2: Work Your Deal

Work My Deal: 50 Minutes Saved

Interested in pulling the relevant finance numbers together to get an actual idea of what you will pay monthly? Our Work My Deal digital retail tool allows you to compile this information. From your determined trade-in value to what you are owed, the cash you put down, your credit score and beyond, you can determine an accurate range of what you will be able to afford when utilizing this resource.

Step 3: Prequalify For Credit

Pre-Qualify for Credit: 30 Minutes Saved

If your credit history is something you are unfamiliar with, or not quite confident in, then the pre-qualification process is crucial. This online form helps our team of financing experts see what you can afford and what you may qualify for. If you need further qualification in this area, it takes a brief amount of time to complete. Those that feel good about your credit background can move on to the auto loan and lease finance application.

Step 4: Apply for Credit

Finance Application: 1.5 Hours Saved

If you wish to avoid sitting down for hours of paperwork at the dealership, then this finance application can save you some serious time. Take off over an hour in the financing process by completing this convenient online form to apply for an auto loan or lease. With this information collected, our team can get started on your finance options in the background, while you move on to selecting any protection plans that you wish to include.

Step 5: Select Protection Plans

Protection Plans: 15 Minutes Saved

A new vehicle is one of the biggest investments that you will make, so it is understandable that you will want to consider backing it up with some protection. Examples of protection plans that you may consider include GAP insurance, environmental protection, a service contract and paintless dent repair. Settle on which options are right for you and save important time.

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